Staff User Experience Researcher

Details: Full-time employee. Remote, on a distributed team.

About Rally

Rally enables people to contribute, gain insight and value from their own data. The same few organizations collect and have controlled access to our data that they also benefit from. We aim to counter this power imbalance and work towards building independent insights about connected life.

Today, people can donate their data through browser extensions to public interest studies that explore big societal problems that start on the Internet. Rally’s first researchers are studying how misinformation flows, social media platform transparency, and local news sustainability, with more to come. See Current Studies.

In the future, the Rally team is exploring questions like:

  • How might people get a share of the benefits that their data generates?
  • How might Rally set a new bar for consent and transparency that becomes the industry standard for all companies?
  • What would it take for Rally to build independent insights about connected life?
  • How might Rally provide value across browsers and across devices?
  • How might Rally influence broader technology policy?

Each Rally team member plays a key role in shaping what problems we are trying to address, what we build and why, designing and implementing well understood parts of the Rally as well as supporting its intentional growth by researching and prototyping new areas of exploration.

About the role

As Staff User Experience Researcher, you’ll be a critical and senior team member. You’ll be owning, experimenting with, developing and executing research best practices that are most appropriate for Rally. You’ll own research initiatives end-to-end from prioritizing projects, using mixed-method research methodologies, creating meaningful insights that define Rally’s most promising opportunities for users and customers, to integrating learning throughout the product development process. Reporting to and in partnership with Head of Product Design, you’ll be shaping the research roadmap and leading key research initiatives to clarify Rally’s product-market-fit and enable its intentional growth. Mozilla has wonderful content, research and design communities of practice — as Rally’s first full time researcher, you will have access to this supportive network.

An ideal candidate is someone who is…

  • Experienced in working on greenfield projects and research that drives clarity towards product-market-fit.
  • Familiar with or has professional growth goals to work on products that are centered around data.
  • Adept at teaching and content strategy related to documenting and socializing research.
  • Highly organized and able to operate independently.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and the unknown.


  • Lead all aspects of product research, including partnering with cross-functional collaborators to frame problems, designing research methodologies, conducting high-quality research and analysis.
  • Socialize research insights in a clear and engaging way, and deliver actionable and influential product recommendations based on user and customer research, market assessments, competitive analysis, and other appropriate research.
  • Be a trusted amplifier of user and customer needs, partnering with other research specialties like data scientists, designers and product managers as peer collaborators, to ensure those needs are met through the product development process.
  • In partnership with the Head of Product Design, promote a learning culture by empowering the team’s non-researchers to adopt sound research approaches through coaching, tools, processes and templates of your choosing.

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