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Exploitative tech is complex and complicated. To develop effective tools, policies, and resources that make a difference, we need to ground our work in airtight research. That’s where studies come in. When you consent to joining a study, you’re providing ethically-sourced, high-quality data to trusted sources who will amplify your contribution and maximize your impact.

“Mozilla Rally is one of the most exciting developments in the media research landscape.”
Ethan Zuckerman, Associate Professor of Public Policy, Information and Communication, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Beyond the Paywall

by Researchers at Stanford GSB Ends: Dec 31, 2022

Study details

Study Description

Local newspapers are essential in the chain of democratic accountability, but changes in the economics of how news is produced, delivered and consumed threaten their survival. This project measures your engagement with news from different outlets in response to newsworthy events at the local and national scale. The results will help build our understanding of how the modern news environment works, and which alternative funding models for local journalism may be feasible.

Key Data Collected

  • On specific news websites: the full URL of the website you are on, the full text of the article you are reading, the size of ads on the article’s webpage, and the amount of time you spend browsing and playing media
  • On news aggregators, search engines, and social media websites: the domain (no webpage information) of the website, and the amount of time you spend browsing and playing media
  • All other websites: the amount of time you spend browsing and playing media (no domain or webpage information)
  • Advertising
  • News

Political and COVID-19 News

by Researchers at Princeton Ends: Dec 14, 2021

Study details

Study Description

This study examines Political and COVID-19 News across the web. Our goal is to understand how web users are exposed to, consume, and share these types of information, which can inform efforts to distinguish trustworthy and untrustworthy content.

Key Data Collected

  • Visits, shares, and exposures to specific websites from an established list known to spread authoritative information and disinformation
  • Whether you post links to these websites on social media
  • Your Rally demographics and an optional short survey
  • Misinformation
  • Social Media

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