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The Attention Stream is a Mozilla Rally community project that provides ongoing insight across websites and tech platforms. By contributing data to the Attention Stream, you are part of an effort to drive transparency and oversight, as well as facilitate new products that can make the internet more equitable to all.

Goals of the Study

Help Rally and our research partners understand what’s happening on the web by contributing your browsing data and experiences to the Rally Attention Stream. Attention Stream data provides a cross-website view of the internet so that Rally and our partners can understand how information spreads, where people spend their time, and how platforms interact and recommend content to users. The results will help Rally and our research partners understand users’ experiences, build better products, and gather evidence on how the web is working for users.

We will publicly share research findings and any discoveries that could enable more privacy and control in consumer products. We will always inform you of which partners have access to the Attention Stream and whenever new partners join. We will always disclose if research partners compensate Mozilla for access to Attention Stream data.

This Study Will Collect:

The Attention Stream measurement data includes:

  • The full URL of each webpage that you visit
  • Time spent browsing and playing media on each webpage
  • How far down the webpage you scrolled
  • The size of advertisements on news webpages and the content of each article
  • The content and metadata of ads you are shown across the web*
  • On certain media platforms, metadata about the content you are viewing*
  • On YouTube pages, metadata about the videos you watch, the content and metadata of the ads you see, and metadata about the videos recommended to you*
  • The data sent through various tracking pixels (including Meta/Facebook, Google, Twitter, TikTok, Snap Inc, Pinterest, and Moat Advertising) from the websites you visit*

*If you joined prior to 9/23/2022, these measurements are excluded

In addition, your optional responses to demographic and other surveys will be combined with study data for analysis.

How We Protect You:

  • This study will only share identifiable measurement data with the Rally team and our research partners.
  • All analysis and aggregation of measurement data is done in Mozilla’s secure analysis environment. After completion of analysis we will delete all raw data.
  • All findings and public reporting will only disclose aggregated, anonymized data.

Note: Only deidentified metrics and models will be exported from our secure environment. For additional information about our data collection, view our metrics definition file in our open source codebase.

About Us

Mozilla Rally

Mozilla Rally connects users who are willing to share their internet browsing experiences with academics and journalists through consent-based technologies that safeguard and provide users control over their data.

In the last year, Rally built a 10,000+ user community contributing data to projects led by Mozilla Rally and teams at The Markup, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy.

For more information contact the Rally team at

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