Think about it—when is the last time you read a privacy policy? When privacy policies and user agreements are buried at the bottom of pages and obscured with legalese, users are prevented from ever really knowing what they’re consenting to. That’s because consent is more than a simple transaction of yes or no. It’s an ongoing process of relationship-building based on trust and accountability. Trust comes from respecting consent, and for our platform to work, we need you to trust us. So we built Mozilla Rally differently.

We give you exactly what you need when you need it

Our Privacy Notice for the platform is separate from the consent terms for a given study—allowing us to be more concise in both places and more specific in where and when we ask for consent. Any time you’re asked for anything, you have all of the relevant information at hand and nothing more.

We put control in the hands of the user

Almost everything you do in Rally is entirely optional. Everyone has different interests and concerns, and we wanted users to be able to control their experience as much as possible. Nothing happens in Rally without your say-so, and you’re free to use the platform exactly as you’d like.

We have nothing to hide

It’s hard to build trust on the internet, but we believe the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the code. Rally is designed so that, if at any given time you think we’re pulling a fast one, you can call us on it. We publish our code on GitHub, ensuring that it’s open source and freely available for you to audit.

Ready to Rally?

The internet should be used to benefit all, not just some. With your help, we can create a safer, more transparent, and more equitable internet that protects people, not Big Tech.