What is Mozilla Rally?

Mozilla Rally is an opt-in data contribution platform that shines transparency on Big Tech. When you join, you put your data to work to help us and our research partners address areas such as ethical AI, online privacy, algorithmic bias, discrimination, and misinformation. Our collective work builds tools, resources, and policies for advancing consent, trust, and transparency on the Internet.

How can I participate?

When you join a study, you consent to share specific data with the study researchers. Don’t worry, we will always ask you for your consent when you join. We will always tell you exactly what data the study collects, who has access to analyze your data, and how your data will be used. Participation in these studies is strictly voluntary. You can leave Rally at any time.

Who is eligible to participate?

Mozilla Rally is currently available to US residents who are age 19 and older.

Why is Mozilla Rally only available on Firefox at this time?

Firefox is the best place to start! Since Mozilla is the maker of Firefox, we were able to use our expertise to build out our platform on Firefox first. In the future, we will expand to other web browsers. If you’d like, you can sign up to be notified when we launch on other browsers.

How is Mozilla different from Big Tech?

Mozilla was founded in 1998 as a community open source project, and while the past twenty years have changed the ways we use the internet, they haven’t changed our values. We have a responsibility to ensure that the things we’ve created are being used as a force for good. Still not convinced? Read our manifesto.

Collection of Data

How does Mozilla Rally handle your data?

Protecting your data is tantamount to protecting your trust. We abide by a series of principles known as Lean Data Practices. Lean Data means that we collect just the data we need, and do everything we can to protect what we collect. Studies only collect data that is essential to creating a broader understanding of a research topic. Collected data is encrypted even before it leaves your browser, and stored securely with strict access controls.

Research partners can only access the data collected from their specific study. Our research partners are contractually obligated to abide by these procedures and protect your data.

Finally, we follow principles for good digital consent, ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of what you agree to share with Rally, how it’s being used, and who will be able to access it, all before we collect anything. Rally is designed to empower you to take control of your data, and we believe that transparency and informed consent are vital aspects of fulfilling that mission.

Would you ever sell my data?

No. Neither Mozilla nor our partners will sell any personal information. We do intend to release aggregated data sets in the public good to foster an open web. When we do this, we will remove your personal information and try to disclose it in a way that minimizes the risk of you being re-identified.

What is Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

There are four main public cloud infrastructure services that serve the US: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and IBM Cloud. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the cloud service that we use. Additionally, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is bound by its contract with Mozilla and to its own data compliance policies.

Do you collect data in Private Browsing Mode?

By default, Mozilla Rally collects no data in Private Browsing windows.

Future research studies may need to collect browsing data from Private windows in order to explore specific research questions. If a future study requires data collection during Private Browsing mode, Mozilla Rally will present a clear and unmistakable warning on the study enrollment card.

I use Firefox Accounts to sync my data across multiple devices. Does that mean I’m contributing data to Mozilla Rally on all devices?

In short, no. We will only enroll you in Rally and its studies where you explicitly consent to do so. If you have configured Firefox Accounts to sync add-ons across your devices, then the Mozilla Rally add-on and any study add-ons will sync across your Firefox devices, but those add-ons will be disabled. You will have to consent to participate on each Firefox instance where your account is synced.

Our Research Partners

Why do researchers want my data?

Our lives have moved online. We communicate, gather information, shop, and can even find romantic partners on the Internet. But unlike the offline world, we have very little visibility into how our lives and choices unfold online. Researchers want to understand where technologies such as big data and AI are creating positive opportunities, or where they could create problems for individuals and society at large. These negative impacts of technology could include polarization, spread of misinformation, and discrimination.

What is the criteria for becoming a partner?

Currently, we are working with a small number of reputable research teams who match our commitment to your safety and trust and who also have the technical expertise to help us build Rally’s scientific capabilities.

All partners are required to sign an agreement with Mozilla. This agreement upholds the researcher’s rights to independence in their research, while mandating the safeguards they must follow in order to protect our users.

In the future, we will expand beyond our pilot partners. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner!

How is my demographic profile data used?

When you first join Mozilla Rally, you will be asked a series of optional, demographic questions, similar to a census. This data helps us understand the representivity and diversity of our users. Your profile helps show us where we need to focus to grow our panel. In some instances research partners may request access to this data for similar purposes, but we’ll always ask for your consent before we share anything.

Your Involvement

How does Rally collect data for a given study?

When you enroll in a study, you install a browser add-on that collects specific data outlined in the study details. Most of these studies will collect browsing data passively, in the background while you surf the web. Some studies may periodically display notifications. Any study will collect data until the study ends or until you unenroll.

What types of data do you collect?

The types of data collected will vary from study to study. Each study will disclose the data it collects on the study card, which you will see at the time you enroll. You can also visit the study details page at any time for full disclosure on the data a study collects and how researchers will use that data. Learn more about managing your data.

What happens after the study ends?

Once a study ends, Mozilla Rally will uninstall the study-specific add-on, and no longer collect data related to that study. The data collected will be analyzed by the research team that collected it. It will be held in Mozilla’s secure environment while they complete their analyses. Once analysis is finished for a completed study, Mozilla Rally will delete all raw study data for all study participants. With Mozilla’s permission, researchers may retain aggregated or de-identified datasets for their analyses. Mozilla may also retain aggregated data sets which we may release in the public good to foster an open web.

What happens to my data if I leave a study?

When you leave a study, Mozilla Rally uninstalls the corresponding study add-on.

If the study is still open, we will delete your data that the study collected. If a study has ended, we may no longer be able to delete your data—this is because deletion of the data may impact the ability of our partners to do their research. We’ll always tell you when a study is ending, so you can decide how your data is used.

What happens if I leave Mozilla Rally?

First off, we’re sorry to see you leave Mozilla Rally!

When you leave the Mozilla Rally program, we will do the following:

  • We will no longer collect any data for the Rally platform or studies.
  • We will remove you from the Rally program and uninstall the Mozilla Rally add-on.
  • We will remove you from any open studies you’re currently participating in and uninstall their study add-ons.
  • We will submit an electronic request to delete your Rally platform data and also to delete all demographic profile information you have shared with us.
  • We will submit requests to delete data for all open studies that you had previously joined.
  • If you previously contributed data to a study that ended, your data may be locked while the research team completes their analysis. At the conclusion of analysis for a study, we will delete all data for all participants in that concluded study, regardless of whether they are still participating in Mozilla Rally.


Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?

It depends on your questions. We have a few different email addresses to help make sure your questions reach the right member of our team.

Ready to Rally?

The internet should be used to benefit all, not just some. With your help, we can create a safer, more transparent, and more equitable internet that protects people, not Big Tech.