Support the future of local news — and win weekly prizes — just by surfing the web

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Mozilla Rally and Stanford University have teamed up to launch a study to help local news organizations. By donating your news browsing data, you help us understand how people consume news and which funding models may sustain local journalism. As a token of our appreciation, study participants will be entered in a lottery to win Amazon gift cards.

Researchers at Stanford are giving away $500 in gift cards each week!

  1. Install Mozilla Rally

    When prompted, click to “add” the extension. The Rally icon will appear on your toolbar.

    Install Rally for Firefox Install Rally for Chrome Join the Waitlist
  2. Accept the Rally privacy notice

    You can also answer a few questions about yourself or skip that for now.

  3. Join Stanford’s “Beyond the Paywall” study

    You’ll see our study’s terms and then a brief survey about your news habits.