Privacy Policy

Before you get started, please make sure you’re comfortable with our privacy notice.


In this notice, we detail what data Mozilla Rally collects and discloses, and why it does so.

Mozilla Rally is a new platform created to empower people to contribute their data towards building a better internet.

It is currently available to Firefox users in the U.S. who are 19 or older.

This notice only covers Rally itself, as each study will have a unique privacy notice detailing how data is collected and handled in that particular study. We also adhere to the Mozilla Privacy Policy for how we receive, handle, and share information.

The Types of Information We Collect

We’ll ask for your consent before we collect any of your info, which could include:

Your Demographic Data

This includes your age, gender, race/ethnicity, education level, household income, and zip code. This is entirely optional.

Your Device’s Technical Data

This includes your device's operating system and IP address (which we’ll only hang on to temporarily).

Your Interaction Data

This includes your interactions with Firefox, like the number and type of Firefox Add-ons you have installed, your interactions with the Rally add-on itself, or the duration of your active browsing session.

Your Location Data

This includes your country, city, and state location, which is determined by your IP address.

How We Use Your Information

We use the information we collect for research and development, which could mean:

  • determining which Rally participants could be eligible to participate in particular research studies, should they choose to enroll
  • ensuring that the data we collect represents the diverse communities that use the Internet
  • improving Mozilla’s existing products and services
  • creating and developing new products

Who We May Share Information With

We may share information with trusted entities that help us fulfill our mission, including:

Our Data Storage Provider

We use Google’s cloud storage service to store the data collected through Rally. Google only stores Rally data and cannot use that data for its own purposes.

Our Research Collaborators

Rally collaborators with trusted third parties to build and release studies. For any studies you join, we may ask you to share the data collected under this Privacy Notice with the third party researcher(s) administering the study. Our research collaborators are under contracts with Mozilla to ensure that your data is protected and handled only in the ways we've approved.

People Like You (only aggregated data)

Our mission is focused on empowering everyday citizens, not just a select few. To that end, we may release aggregated, de-identified data sets to help further public knowledge of certain issues. These data sets will be stripped of any identifiable data, and won’t reveal anything about individual users.

How You Can Manage Your Data

Our “opt-in” approach to data collection means that you choose which data you share with us.

Rally operates based on your participation — meaning you can choose to disclose the level of information you’re comfortable with, either by finding a study that matches your level of comfort or by declining to share demographic information in your profile. Learn more about managing your data.

If you have any other questions regarding our privacy practices, please contact us at

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